Why Aussie Mates Directory?

Aussie Mates Directory is for Business and Non-profits
who say no to a cashless society with CBDC’s.

Aussie Mates has been in the concept stage this past year. The idea has been to promote businesses and non-profits who didn’t follow the government’s agenda of the past few years. We have been watching to see what space Aussie Mates should fill. Thankfully we now know what direction we are to go.

Directory of Awake Businesses
and Non-Profits.

  • It is for those who are awake to the cashless and digital ID agenda governments are pushing.
  • It is for those who want to keep cash alive.
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Dob in an Awake Mate!

Dob in an Awake Organisation, Business, Service or Individual, and Promote them with a listing in the New Aussie Mates Directory.

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