Why Aussie Mates?

Current Situation:

A Decline of Interest in the Freedom Movements? 

I’ve been observing and wondering about this.
People are not as involved as they used to be.
Don’t they see? Don’t they care anymore?  
As I have mused over this, and
as I’ve observed and talked with people,
I’ve come to this conclusion:

  1. Getting Back to Normal:
    • People want to get back to some sort of normal. They have families, responsibilities and life to live. Life must go on.
    • People are restoring relationships with family and friends, many of whom are waking up. There is a quiet restoration and healing going on.
  2. Information Overload:
    • Too much information overload, and questions about how much is really true.
  3. Opting out of Fear Porn
    • Many aren’t interested in the hype of so-called “conspiracy theories”. And even though they may be true, for many it causes unnecessary fear and stress, which is no good for one’s health and mental well-being.
  4. Factions / Divisions:
    • People are so tired of the in-fighting, bickering and character assassinations that have happened, that they don’t know whom to trust. So they step back and observe. The cream will come to the top.
  5. Trust Issues with Leadership:
    • Fear of getting caught in extreme groups in which cult-like leaders could rise up to try and “save” everyone. Lots of people want a leader to follow and who will rescue them.  And there are lots of egos willing and waiting to fill the role, and take control.
  6. Solutions – Not Problems:
    • People know bad stuff has happened and is still happening, but they want to get into a positive space and focus on solutions rather than problems.
  7. Quiet Objectors:
    • Many are quiet objectors, being quietly non-compliant, not wanting to draw attention, and flying under the radar. Operating in stealth. They’d prefer not to be associated with extremist groups, as they are targets for police.
  8. Online Privacy and Security Concerns:
    • Many have left or limited their social media. They are aware of the privacy breaches by Big Tech companies and don’t feel safe, not to mention the misinformation and propaganda.

Current Solutions:

 Those who are Addressing this Problem. 

  • FB & Messenger Groups: Thankfully, there are groups, such as My Place and Hoodies Unity Tour, that are addressing this. However, there is one problem. People don’t want to get off Facebook and Big Tech platforms.
    This seems counterproductive to me. We are sharing in Facebook groups which want to sensor our content, and everything we post is seen by Facebook. And there is another problem, not everyone uses Facebook.
  • Alternate Social Media: Then we have alternate social media platforms that have started such as Project Matilda, Clo Social, and Co-op of Everything. They are great, but have not taken traction. It is hard to get the majority off Big Tech platforms.
  • Alternate Messaging: Away from Facebook, we have Telegram channels and groups, which doesn’t suit everyone. It is fine for those who have more expensive phones, but for those who only have basic phones, they don’t have the capacity to handle Telegram.

An Alternative Solution  

It is time we came away from Big Tech platforms
and build a safe place of our own.   

I Propose the Following:

  • An Alternate Online Meeting Place, away from Big Tech and Big Government. A safe and non-threatening platform, where we can just be mates and watch out for one another.
  • An Alternate Marketplace – A place where we can swap, buy and sell our goods and services, away from the CBDC that the government wants to give us –
  • An Alternate Helpline – A place to reignite the Aussie Spirit of mateship, where we help our fellow Aussies, no matter what our views are. Be a help in time of need. 
  • An Alternate Knowledge Bank – With so much censorship on Big Tech, and with valuable content being changed or taken down, I feel it is important to be have somewhere to collaborate, create and store such content.

Mission Statement for Aussie Mates 

To provide an online platform for Aussies
who want to stay free and protect their privacy,
with a focus on mutual Aussie Mateship,
building a parallel economy, and
saying NO to Digital IDs and CBDCs.

Proposed Plan of Action

Stage 1  – Main Site  – aussiemates.net

Building the main site which will include the following features :

  • Classifieds: Community Message Board – Free classified ads
  • Directory: Freedom Directory of Groups, Resources and Businesses (NOTE: this has been already done at Freedom Finder.)
  • Wiki Style Knowledge Bank: Collaborate, Create and Store Valuable Content that can be downloaded. This would also include printables.
  • Blog: Lifestyle Info Blog – Lots of how-to’s.

Stage 2 – Multi-site  – meet.aussiemates.net

The second one will be a wordpress multi-site – a platform of websites.

  • A Platform of Websites: Groups, businesses, organisations, and local communities, can have their own website away from Big Tech.
  • Online Store: It will also have an Aussie Mates Online Store, featuring members products and services.
  • Membership Site: A possibility?

Would you like to be a part of this?

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